Collaborate for Growth Grant
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Collaborate for Growth Grant

This programme helps businesses take advantage of the efficiencies created by working collaboratively.

Collaborate for Growth supports the development of co-operative enterprises in South Ayrshire which can create enhanced economic impact through collective working. We’ll consider awarding a grant to any collaborative project which can:

  • demonstrate increased sales revenues from outwith the South Ayrshire area
  • improve sector efficiency or
  • increase local employment opportunities.


Eligible Groups and Projects

  • The grant will normally be restricted to constituted groups of three or more member companies. To evidence this, you’ll need to submit a copy of your constitution with your application form. For groups not currently constituted but who intend to do so, support and advice is available from Co-operative Development Scotland –
  • All projects must demonstrate through collaboration, how the group will access new customers and markets, increase their reach and grow revenues.
  • Groups should be involved in activities which generate turnover from outwith South Ayrshire i.e. manufacturing, exportable services (with a wider than local market) or tourism. We also welcome applications from retail groups with projects aimed at attracting consumers from outwith the South Ayrshire area.


What can we fund for you?

Examples of Collaborate for Growth projects include:

  • E-commerce development
  • Co-operative development and training
  • Advertising and promotional campaigns aimed at customers outwith South Ayrshire
  • Consumer research projects
  • Website design and development
  • Trade events and exhibition attendance
  • Groups with a tourism project can apply for contribution towards successful Visit Scotland Growth Fund applications

What happens next?

To find out more or to receive an application pack, please contact

There are no deadlines for applications.


The Small Print

  • All grants are subject to South Ayrshire Council’s Standard Terms & Conditions
  • Grants are discretionary and South Ayrshire Council reserves the right to refuse any grant at its sole discretion. The Council reserves the right to vary eligibility in the light of specific circumstances.
  • Applicants will be expected to demonstrate need and that payment of grant will add to the project
  • Grants can only be paid into business bank accounts.