Ready in One

‘Ready in One’ is a new online business which provides pre-measured scoops to help make bottle-making from baby formula milk powder a quick and easy ‘one step process’. Alison Marshall from Ayr first had the idea while looking after her two young granddaughters and contacted Business Gateway for help in bringing her concept to market.

Alison explains:
“I’m a big advocate for breastfeeding, but research shows that by 12 weeks old, the majority of babies are at least part bottle fed and this was true of my own grandchildren. When looking after them, I found all it took was a momentary lapse in concentration while counting out 3, 4, 5 or more scoops of formula milk, for me to lose track and have to start all over again. It was then that I came up with the idea of pre-measured scoops to make this a one step process.

“I had been a stay at home mum all my adult life and hadn’t a clue how to get the idea in my head to a product in my hand. My hairdresser suggested I contact Business Gateway who had helped her previously.

“My Business Advisor was amazing, I feel so lucky to have had her support. She believed in me right from day one and guided me through every step. Her initial concern was to ensure no one stole my idea and she helped me obtain legal advice on registering for Intellectual Property and Trademarking.

“Next, I had to create a Business Plan. I found this really difficult, but my Advisor literally sat next to me and helped me write it. This led to me successfully applying for both a Business Start Up Loan and a grant through the Council’s AMBITION programme. I used this funding for tooling and prototypes, as well as plastics, packaging, hiring a franking machine and promotion. Through all of this, my Business Advisor was there to help - any queries I had, she knew exactly what to do and was brilliant at problem solving.

“About 18 months after first coming up with the idea, I watched my first batch of scoops coming off the production line – I had to pinch myself that it was actually happening! When my initial stock was delivered to my home, my family helped me take promotional pictures for social media. On our first day on Tik Tok on 30th December 2023, we reached over 600,000 views – I spent all of Hogmanay and New Year’s Day packing up orders!

“With the support of Business Gateway and my family I’ve gone from being ‘a wee granny with an idea’ to an inventor and businesswoman. It still doesn’t seem real, but it feels amazing.”

To find out more visit Ready in One

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