The AMBITION programme supports job creation in South Ayrshire. It’s for anyone with the ambition to employ, be employed or become self-employed, and is for every type of business.

We can help you whatever stage you’re at on your business journey, whether you’ve got an idea to start something new, are in the early stages of setting up or are already well established.

Whatever your ambition, we’ll share it with you and help you achieve success.

See what AMBITION can do for you.

South Ayrshire Council has created a new programme to support the local economy during the COVID-19 crisis.
For more information see:

Please note, we are extremely busy just now with the time-limited Town Centre grants and the COVID-19 support programmes. Because of this, it may take us longer than usual to process other AMBITION programme applications.
Please bear with us, we will be in touch as soon as we can.
Thank you for your understanding.